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SkwisTok smoke
foobeh wrote in dethstamps
I made a livejournal account just for Metalocalypse things heh, survey under the cut. Hopefully I'm doing this right.

Name: Kelsey
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Ancestry: Norwegian/Dutch
Do you play an instrument? If so, what?: Nope.
Name five things you think you are good at: Roller derby, being kind, drawing, fashion design, and caring for animals.
Name five things you are not so good at: Writing, being social, hiding my emotions, singing, running.
Do you smoke/drink/do drugs?: I smoke pot but that's about it
List some of your hobbies and interests: I love to draw, play video games and watch horror movies.
Name some of your favorite musicians: Brendon Small, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Joanna Newsom, Zach Condon
Aside from Metalocalypse, what shows do you like to watch?: Home Movies, The Office, House MD, Gravity Falls, My Little Pony (I know)
What’s your dream job?: I already have it! I draw for money!
Do you fall in love easily?: Unfortunately I do.
Do you have a “type” you go for romantically/sexually?: I go for lanky tall dudes with long hair
Biggest insecurity?: I have very small boobs ;(
Are you more quiet or outgoing?: Quiet
Do you take things at face value or are you more analytical? I'm too analytical for my own good
Are you more blunt or more tactful?: Depends on the situation
Do you tend to come across as more serious or more playful?: Definitely playful
Describe what you think you are like when with others: I'm very goofy and very aware of other people's emotions
Describe what you think you are like when on your own: Quiet and sad
Who’s your favorite protagonist in Metalocalypse?: Tie between Toki and Pickles
Who’s your favorite antagonist in Metalocalypse?: Magnus Hammersmith

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AAAH. JOANNA. NEWSOM. ;A; i'm sorry i just. get really happy when other people like her.
anyway. I get a big Toki vibe from you.

I think you're like Pickles!

I think both Toki and Pickles fit you, but maybe just a bit more Toki.

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