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indilwen wrote in dethstamps
Hey all :) Found this community through the metalocalypse tag on tumblr, go figure it gets me back on LJ!

The Survey:

Name: Lily

Age: 26

Gender: Lady

Ancestry: Half Mexican, then a mishmash of a lot of Western European (German, Scotch-Irish, English, drop of French)

Do you play an instrument? If so, what?: I play violin/fiddle, kind of know my way around a piano, and recently -like in the past year- picked up guitar.

Name five things you think you are good at: Singing, doing hair and makeup (I should be good at it, I work at a makeup counter!), I've been told I'm very good with people, speed-reading, dancing.

Name five things you are not so good at: Math (bah!), being patient, most sporty things with the exception of hiking and swimming, drawing, making valuable use of my time >_>

Do you smoke/drink/do drugs?: I smoke cloves socially but it's not really a habit. I drink pretty often but usually not a whole lot at one time. Sometimes I smoke weed but that's about it.

List some of your hobbies and interests: Dancing! Singing/playing music, hiking in the forest, going to concerts, visiting the aquarium, putting together cool outfits, and....tumblr. (See "not good at making valuable use of my time")

Name some of your favorite musicians: Do I even need to mention Dethklok? Do I? Also, David Bowie, Christian Death, Amon Amarth, Nim Vind, Children of Bodom, The Vision Bleak, and Sopor Aeternus.

Aside from Metalocalypse, what shows do you like to watch?: American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Venture Bros, Twin Peaks, Sailor Moon, and I probably should check out Vikings.

What’s your dream job?: Scream queen! Or a ballerina, or to be in some kind of goth or symphonic metal band.

Do you fall in love easily? If I want to? I don't know if that really makes sense...usually I don't "fall" for people easily, but I do get some pretty intense crushes. But if I really want to be with that person and I'm not just attracted to them on the surface it's pretty easy for me to fall in love.

Do you have a “type” you go for romantically/sexually?:I used to think I didn't and that I just liked a whole bunch of people arbitrarily, but careful examination reveals that I do at least have some kind of pattern. I like goths and metalheads, and most of the people I've been attracted to have had long blond or black hair. On girls I think short, dark hair is really cute. People who have something very visually striking about their appearance tend to interest me, whether it's dress sense, body mods, or just bone structure. They don't necessarily have to be textbook-definition-hot, just interesting looking. Personality wise I like people who are sweet but also snarky, and a little protective (NOT possessive). I married a tall, lanky metalhead with long black hair who is a total cute goofball but will also talk shit with me, so I think I scored big time :D

Biggest insecurity?: I somehow manage to have both a fear of failure AND a fear of success (I know, what?) so I second guess just about everything and have trouble with big life decisions.

Are you more quiet or outgoing?: I'm pretty introverted, but I socialize a lot for an introvert, it's just always with the same people.

Do you take things at face value or are you more analytical? That depends on the thing in question. I can pick things to death, or I can be totally happy to just let them sail over my head.

Are you more blunt or more tactful?: I try to be tactful, I don't enjoy making people feel awkward or embarrassed. But if I feel like someone is being condescending, or if I'm just irritated, I can be kind of a jerk.

Do you tend to come across as more serious or more playful?: Six of one half dozen of the other? It kind of varies depending on mood and comfort zone. I guess probably serious in general, but not in a doom and gloom kind of way. But I definitely have my moments of ridiculousness.

Describe what you think you are like when with others: Pretty relaxed, observant, lively if someone's talking to me, I'm more of a follower than a leader. I can get easily annoyed but I think I play well with others.

Describe what you think you are like when on your own: Moody, I tend to dwell on things that upset me. I need a constant source of entertainment or at least some kind of stimulus: reading, listening to or playing music, trying to learn a new skill...the more engrossing the better.

Who’s your favorite protagonist in Metalocalypse?: I LOVE Charles (don't we all?), Skwisgaar, and I have a soft spot for Murderface :P

Who’s your favorite antagonist in Metalocalypse?: Magnus. Sometimes I love to hate him, sometimes I love to make fun of him, and sometimes I just love him.

If you want, post a picture of yourself here:

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You just scream Skwisgaar to me.

You seem like Nathan to me! :D

I'm getting Skwisgaar vibes from you too!

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