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All right!!!
locustwinged wrote in dethstamps
We now have enough members to get things started! Members will need at least four votes to be stamped.

I'm gonna go ahead and post my completed survey - please go ahead and do the same so we can all vote on eachother!!!

Name: Meg
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Ancestry: Russian/Romanian/Kazakh/Latvian/British/Italian
Do you play an instrument? If so, what?: Yes. Keys and voice.
Name five things you think you are good at: Writing, psychoanalysis, listening to people, decorating, interpreting mythology.
Name five things you are not so good at: Math, staying on task, anything detail-oriented, putting up with bigots, sports.
Do you smoke/drink/do drugs?: All of the above, whoops. I try not to do anything to excess, though. Except caffeine. I need that shit to function and I'm too far gone to care.
List some of your hobbies and interests: Writing, literature, science, religion, mythology, psychology, the occult, playing music, interior decorating, fashion, social justice, blogging... To name a few.
Name some of your favorite musicians: Gojira, Mastodon, Joanna Newsom, Emancipator, Arkona, Eluveitie, Lana Del Rey (shoosh), Comus, Legendary Pink Dots, Orion Rigel Dommisse, Neutral Milk Hotel
Aside from Metalocalypse, what shows do you like to watch?: Breaking Bad, Attack on Titan, Supernatural, PMMM...
What’s your dream job?: I'd love to either make a career of my music or my writing, or to have my own clinical psych practice.
Do you fall in love easily?: Not really.
Do you have a “type” you go for romantically/sexually?: I love people with ambition and intellectual depth.
Biggest insecurity?: My height. I'm really short.
Are you more quiet or outgoing?: Kinda both but I lean enough towards quiet that most people notice it.
Do you take things at face value or are you more analytical?: Analytical as F U C K
Are you more blunt or more tactful?: Tactful. Always. I find bluntness appalling.
Do you tend to come across as more serious or more playful?: A mix of both, and depends on the situation but I think most people see me as serious!
Describe what you think you are like when with others: Some bizarre blend of polite and sarcastic, but caring.
Describe what you think you are like when on your own: I create elaborate worlds inside my mind and laugh a lot at my own jokes which very rarely make sense.
Who’s your favorite protagonist in Metalocalypse?: Tie between Nathan and Charles.
Who’s your favorite antagonist in Metalocalypse?: Tie between Salacia and Orlaag.
If you want, post a picture of yourself here: meeee

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I got a Charles vibe from ya! You seem very intelligent and value that in other human beings.

Shoulda made a John Twinkletits stamp. :P


I get a Pickles feel from you.

You're hard to pin down! I actually got a bit of a Nathan vibe from you, what with the interest in mythology/the occult, and the creating elaborate worlds inside your mind.

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