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tod_hollykim wrote in dethstamps
Name: Holkie aka Holly Kim
Age: 58
Gender: Female
Ancestry: Welsh/Finn
Do you play an instrument? If so, what?: No.
Name five things you think you are good at: Writing, interpreting mythology, paper crafts, embroidery, photography
Name five things you are not so good at: Singing, putting up with bigots, sports.
Do you smoke/drink/do drugs?: Don't smoke, drink a tiny bit, don't do drugs
List some of your hobbies and interests: Writing, reading, photography, mythology, crafts
Name some of your favorite musicians: Dethklok, Black 47, Machine Head, Adam Ant, Bruce Springsteen,
Aside from Metalocalypse, what shows do you like to watch?: NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Venture Brothers, Face Off, Sleepy Hallow,
What’s your dream job?: Umm.... writing, photography, research,
Do you fall in love easily?: Not really.
Do you have a “type” you go for romantically/sexually?: Not really beyond active brain cells
Biggest insecurity?: I don't know
Are you more quiet or outgoing?: Quiet until I get to know you and then gods help you
Do you take things at face value or are you more analytical?: Bit of both
Are you more blunt or more tactful?: Tactful.
Do you tend to come across as more serious or more playful?: A mix of both.
Describe what you think you are like when with others: Quiet until there is an opening, and then bazingka!
Describe what you think you are like when on your own: Quiet, reading or writing or trying to write
Who’s your favorite protagonist in Metalocalypse?: Tie between Nathan and Charles.
Who’s your favorite antagonist in Metalocalypse?: tie between Salacia, Orlaag, and Metal Masked Assassin. But the last is gone now...maybe.

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You remind me most of Charles!

Thank you!

Yeah, I'm not really one of the band. I'm the exact opposite of Pickles when it comes to drinking. A bit closer to Toki, specially love of cats. Which might include Nathan a bit.

I'd definitely peg you to be Charles.

The funniest thing about this is I have a lot of Charles in my mom's side of the family.

Grandpop was named Charles.

Have an uncle Charles and his son is Charles Franklin, but everyone calls him Sam. (No, I don't know where we got Sam from)

My brother is named Charles Victor (Grandfathers) and his son, my nephew, is Charles Douglas (we call him Doug)

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